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Hepatitis B

Is a virus that attacks the liver and may result in liver damage, liver cancer, or death. It is widespread in developing countries. Hepatitis is spread in the same way as AIDS including: sexual contact, exposure  to blood/ contaminated fluids (surgical/ medical/dental/procedures), sharing or using contaminated needles through tattooing, body  piercing, acupuncture, or sharing razors/sharing toothbrushes.

It is recommended/required, for all health care workers and is typically now given to all newborns who complete this immunization 3 dose series by age 1. The majority of the adults 25+ years have not been immunized for Hepatitis B. Who should get Hepatitis B? Everyone!


Meningitis is an infection of the covering of the brain and spinal cord. The onset is rapid and death can occur within 8-10 hours of its onset. The symptoms are vague and often missed or mistaken as the flu. They include headache, fever, cough, sore throat, and neck stiffness.

One of 5 people who contract Meningitis die. Of the ones that survive, many  are left with permanent disabilities including brain damage, hearing loss, amputations, and seizures. The side effects to the vaccine are minimal and usually include slight soreness at the injection site. The vaccine is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College Health Association Advisory Committee on Immunization  Practices (ACIP).

Who should get the Meningitis vaccine?

The new Meningitis vaccine is recommended for anyone 11-55 years of age. Most at risk are ccollege freshmen living on campus in dormitory settings. The infection is spread through droplets or direct contact with another individual that is infected.  Students living off campus may still be at risk because of activities and contact in the classroom. Living in a crowded dormitory, drinking, smoking, kissing, sharing utensils, drinking glasses, or cigarettes easily puts students in direct contact with infected  persons.

About the vaccine

The Meningcoccal vaccine takes 7-10 days to provide immunity. It is best given in the spring or summer prior to entering freshmen college.

Meningitis State Legislation 

Currently there are nine states that require the meningococcal vaccination for incoming students living on campus. Colorado state legislation enacted a vaccination response law requiring that, by July 2005, all students living on campus be informed of the risks of meningitis and that they sign a waiver if they choose not to be vaccinated.  

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